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Air Techniques International Test Laboratory

ISO 9001 Registered

ATI Test Lab Equipment


ATI's Test Lab offers high efficiency filter testing in a DOE audited facility for DOE or other government and commercial customers.  Testing services are available for most sizes and styles of filters, including respirator cartridges, HEPA and ULPA filters.


Air Techniques International (ATI) is the world leader in design and manufacture of high efficiency air filtration and gas mask test equipment.  We have been in business for over forty years and are internationally recognized.  In 2000 ATI was selected to operate the Oak Ridge Filter Test Facility (ORFTF) for the United States Department of Energy (DOE).

Historically, Nuclear Grade High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters are used for protection of the populace, industrial workers and the environment.  The United States Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) identified the need for Quality Assurance (QA) testing of HEPA filters in 1957-8.  The Filter Test Facilities have provided over forty years of progressive QA testing, filling a critical independent quality function.

The US DOE privatized the filter test facility in 2005.  The ORFTF capability was established at the Air Techniques International Test Laboratory (ATITL) in Baltimore, MD and successfully underwent a DOE Headquarters QA Audit in July of 2005.  At the successful conclusion of the US DOE ASME NQA-1 audit ATI was contracted to begin testing HEPA filters for US DOE complexes.  The ATI Test Laboratory is also IS0 9001 registered.

Testing for virtually any size or style of high efficiency filter

Respirator cartridges are tested to NIOSH specifications at 42.5 liters per minute (lpm) and 85 lpm.  High flow HEPA filters are tested at up to 2000 cubic feet per minute (cfm).  Adapters accommodate most sizes and styles of filters and can be fabricated as required.

Standard Testing Services

The ATITL services include 100% visual inspection and efficiency testing for all HEPA filters.  Filters can also be inspected to DOE standard 3020-2005, ASME AG-1 standards or to customer requirements.

Filters receive two tests to measure performance quality:

  • % Penetration to measure filtration efficiency
  • Pressure drop to measure resistance to airflow at rated capacity



Filters are challenged with a test aerosol at rated airflow.  The concentration of challenge particulates downstream of the filter is measured.  Concurrent with the efficiency test, the pressure drop across the filter under test is measured.  We test to MIL-STD-282, IEST CC-RP-007 or customer requirements.


Test reports will be electronically forwarded and hardcopy mailed, if required.  All data is considered confidential and is maintained and treated as such.


There is no charge for DOE testing if you are a DOE facility or are operating under a DOE contract.  Other entities such as other governmental and commercial agencies are quoted either per filter or at an hourly rate.


1708 Whitehead Road, Suite 104

Baltimore, MD 21207, USA

Phone: 410.277.8981

Fax: 410.277.3444




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