2i Digital Photometer Data Acquisition

If desired, the ATI 2i data output information can be captured, stored to a file and imported into spreadsheet programs for statistical analysis or report generation.

Connect the 2i unit USB port to your PC using a standard USB cable.

One of the easiest programs for capturing data is probably Windows® terminal available in the Windows OS inclusive through version XP.  See your Windows® documentation for version specific setup procedures.  For newer computers there are also many freeware and purchase options to choose from if desired.

PuTTY (http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/download.html)
RealTerm (http://realterm.sourceforge.net/)
TeraTerm (https://osdn.net/projects/ttssh2/releases/)

From the terminal program the data may be imported into a commercially available spreadsheet program and formatted.

Configure the USB port in use by the photometer to the following settings:

  • Baud Rate –  9600
  • Data Bits – 8
  • Parity – none
  • Stop Bit – 1

Data is output using one of three (3) “Report” modes.

Continuous Mode
Provides data output at the end of each screen update during the testing cycle followed by a carriage return.
The effect is a continuous scrolling output of photometer % Leakage values on the terminal screen.

Summary Mode
The summary reporting mode was implemented with Certifiers doing in-situ validation of high efficiency filtration systems (HEPA & ULPA) in mind. It provides a summary of each filter tested on the USB port and, if connected, the optional 2i thermal printer. This feature is similar to that of a particle counter.

When this reporting mode is selected, the operator has the opportunity to enter a location for the testing he is about to perform by pressing the keyboard function key . This field is automatically reset at the end of the test to avoid unintended duplication of locations and should be repopulated prior to subsequent testing.  Remember to select the enter/return key  to save the entered information before selecting EXIT.

To start the reporting, the operator should press the play/pause function key . The header will be sent out to the port and the acquisition of data sets will be initiated. The button LED lights up green and the data transmit icon will be displayed. A data set is sent every time the operator presses the play/pause function key to pause the test or at the conclusion of the test. When the test is paused, the play/pause button LED lights up yellow and the data transmit icon changes to indicate the new status. The maximum penetration value is reset when the operator presses the play/pause button to resume the test, allowing the report to show all leaks present during the filter scan.

When the operator has concluded a test, he must press the stop function key  to end reporting. When the key is pressed, the report footer is sent to the port and the reporting operation is terminated.

A sample data set is shown in the following image.

Monitoring Mode
The monitoring mode reporting function is similar to the summary mode reporting function. It differs in the content and format of the data set and footer. In this mode the data is only available on the USB port. A sample data set for a 4 second interval is shown in the following image.

Once this mode is enabled, to start the reporting, the operator should press the play/pause function key play-pause.
When the operator has concluded the testing, he must press the stop function key stop to end the reporting.
Pause is not available while operating in monitoring mode.