ATI PAO-4 (4cSt polyalphaolefin) Food contact

Information regarding the use of PAO-4 in applications where there may be “food” contact.

All PAO-4 sold by ATI has been registered by the manufacturer and accepted by the NSF Nonfood Compounds Registration Program (White Book) for category code H1.

NSF registration numbers 049545 & 131844 “H1 – Lubricants with incidental food contact Preparations permitted for use as lubricants and anti-rust agents, or as release agents on gaskets or seals of tank closures, where there is possibility of incidental food contact must be formulated in compliance with CFR, Title 21, Section 178.3570 and other sections referenced therein.  The amount used should be the minimum required to accomplish the required technical effect on the equipment so treated.  When a product is used as an antirust film, it should be removed by washing or wiping before putting the equipment back into service.”