Converting the TDA-5A-5B Generator from DOP to PAO Operation

DOP was put on the suspected carcinogen list years ago and an extensive amount of research work has been done by Dr. Hugh Carlon at the Army Chemical Center in Edgewood, MD to find a safe replacement liquid.

Because of Dr. Carlon’s published findings at the International Society of Nuclear Air Treatment Technologies and the Institute of Environmental Sciences Annual Technical Committee Meeting, the majority of the filter testing industry has moved away from DOP to PAO-4 (4cSt polyalphaolefin).

ATI has conducted a formal study on substitute liquids for the TDA-5A/5B and found that the best replacements for DOP are PAO-4 & Ondina EL Oil.  ATI also determined that corn oil and mineral oil cannot be used.

The procedure required for conversion of the TDA-5B to a substitute liquid is detailed at the end of FAQ located HERE.

Please contact ATI Customer Service for further details.