Compressed Air Volume Required for a Type III‐A Laskin Nozzle Aerosol Generator

Type III‐A Laskin nozzles consume approximately 2.64 cfm (75 lpm) of air at 20 psig (1.4 bars) and 2.88 cfm (81.6 lpm) of air at 23 psig (1.6 bars). Total air consumption is a factor of the number of active nozzles. Therefore, the maximum theoretical compressed air volume required is:

Active Nozzles Flow Volume (20 PSIG) Flow Volume (23 PSIG)
1 2.64 75 2.88 81.6
3 7.92 225 8.64 244.8
6 15.84 450 17.28 489.6


The applied pressure (20 psi for DOP & 23 psi for PAO‐4) should be measured at the nozzle inlet and must remain constant to allow calculation of the aerosol generator output.

Please note, ATI only recommends calculations when using fewer than 3 nozzles due to interaction of the nozzles within the confined generator reservoir.

Air compressor performance specifications providing output volume (cfm) versus pressure (psi) are available from most vendors and make selection of an appropriate compressor less difficult.