Laskin Nozzle Aerosol Generator Recalibration

The Laskin nozzles are fabricated in accordance with Figure 4 of Naval Research Laboratory NRL-5929 (1963) Studies of Air-Operated Portable Generators.  These nozzles are then fitted into a Model III-A configuration generator.  As indicated by the NRL Report, the aerosol produced in this configuration is sub-micron in size and highly reproducible.

The NRL Report also shows that if the standard nozzle is configured with half of the normal four jets, the airflow through it and the amount of aerosol produced is also reduced by half.

Experience has shown that these nozzles do not change significantly over their service life.  Changes in output are only observed if the compressed air supply is not filtered and the jets becomes partially or completely blocked. If the jets of the nozzles become blocked the amount of aerosol output will be reduced. If this issue if left unaddressed, the nozzles will close, ultimately causing the nozzle to produce no aerosol.

Because of the mechanical nature of the nozzles aerosol production, ATI does not recommend returning them for service on a regular basis. If the nozzles become clogged however, the unit should be returned for service. This accommodation also applies to thermal aerosol generators, models TDA-5A, TDA-5B & ATI 5C, which use vapor condensation instead of Laskin Nozzles to generate aerosol.

If needed, a National Institute of Science & Technology (NIST) traceable certification on generator pressure gauges may be requested at the time of order or service for any Laskin nozzle generator manufactured by ATI.  In addition, certification of the aerosol size distribution of a specific aerosol generator may also be supplied upon request. Please contact one of ATI’s Customer Service representatives for current pricing.