“Portable” Compressor Requirements for Laskin Nozzle Generators

Each Laskin Nozzle requires 2.65CFM operated at 20 psig (DOP)/ 2.88CFM at 23 psig (PAO-4).  The TDA-4B, 6 nozzles, and TDA-4Blite, 3 nozzles, require approximately 18 and 9 psig at the upper 23 psig requirement, respectively.

Unfortunately, identifying a specific portable compressor having the capacity to source 18 CFM at 23 psi is quite challenging. In all known instances, a compressor of that capacity is wheeled, incorporates a reservoir tank and, therefore, is not readily portable, in the common sense.

Most common applications where the TDA-4B and TDA-4Blite are used require only a portion of the full output capacity, typically 1 to 2 nozzles. For these applications a possible solution is a Rolair model FC1500HBP2. The manufacturer’s rated output is 3.6 cfm @ 100 psi.

In those applications that require full-output an in-house compressed air source is typically utilized.

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