Return Material Authorization (RMA)

ATI uses a Return Material Authorization (RMA) procedure to provide improved service and support to customers returning equipment for service and/or calibration.

Prior to shipping units please call ATI Customer Service for an RMA Number.  At that time, ATI will request Purchase Order information, point of contact and other necessary details required to process the returned equipment as quickly as possible. When the equipment arrives, paperwork and any special requirements are already in place to improve turn-around and service quality.

ATI’s current base pricing for standard repairs, service and parts may also be obtained in advance by calling ATI Customer Service. If written estimates are required before start of work, these should be requested along with the RMA number and noted on the Purchase Order. There is an additional one-hour labor charge for this service.  It is ATI’s standard operating procedure to call for customer approval of any unexpected repair charges incurred prior to proceeding.

When returning older analog photometers (Models TDA-2D or TDA-2E) for service and recalibration, the aerosol challenge liquid for the Internal Reference must be specified. The ATI Service Department can calibrate these older photometers to either DOP or PAO.

All of ATI’s more recent photometers (Analog models TDA-2GA & ATI 2HA & Digital models TDA-2G, ATI 2H & ATI 2i) are calibrated using both DOP and PAO as standard practice.