Suitable 4 cSt PAO aerosol reagent for use in HEPA/ULPA filtration testing applications

Regarding the use of 4 cSt PAO reagent with ATI aerosol generators / photometers with respect to the applications listed above, it has been the experience of ATI that 4 cSt PAO material sold under CAS # 68037-01-4, 68649-12-7 and 157707-86-3 are acceptable for use in filter leakage testing applications and provide comparable test results and equipment performance.

CAS #’s referenced above are marketed using the following product names:

  • Synfluid PAO- 4 cSt by Chevron Phillips (68037-01-4, 68649-12-7 CAS #’s used interchangeably)
  • SpectraSyn 4 PAO by Exxon
  • Durasyn 164 by INEOS

ATI has performed testing on other 4 cSt PAO on the market and found that the physical and safety characteristics varied little, if at all, among all of the 68037-01-4, 68649-12-7 and 157707-86-3 varieties tested regardless of manufacturer. There was no measureable change in operational characteristics among any of the samples when used for leakage testing applications.

Please note that CAS # 68037-01-4 and 68649-12-7 are valid in the EU and United States, while CAS # 157707-86-3 is EU specific.

For further inquiries regarding this matter, please contact ATI, directly.