TDA-5A 5B or 5C Pulsing or Wet Aerosol Output

Problems with the aerosol output of the thermal generators seem to occur frequently. Since DOP and PAO are hydro-carbon products, carbon builds up in the heater block.

To correct this problem, it is assumed that the heater block and heaters are working properly.

That is, the unit is maintaining a 765 ± 15 º F or 405 ± 10 º C operating temperature, and there is no carbon build up restricting the heater block nozzle. To check for nozzle restriction, insert a piece of wire (such as a paper clip) into the nozzle tip while it is operating to remove any residue which may have accumulated. Caution: The nozzle tip is very hot. Use a pair of long nose pliers to hold the wire.

If the heater block and heaters are working properly and the heater block outlet nozzle is clear, the problem should be the setting of the internal inert gas flow regulator. It is either set too high or has failed. The problem may be solved by restricting oil flow by closing the liquid metering valve to 50 or 75%. This will reduce the flow of liquid to the block and minimize droplet formation at the nozzle tip. Droplet formation is the typical cause of aerosol pulsation.