Use of PAO-4 (4 cSt polyalphaolefin) in lieu of DOP/DEHP in a mono-disperse, “hot” aerosol filter penetrometer (i.e. Q-127, Q-76, Q-107) to Mil-Std 282

In 1992, testing by the U.S. Army was conducted to determine a suitable DOP replacement candidate material for use in “Hot” mono-disperse aerosol filter penetrometers. The study concluded PAO-4, known as Emery 3004 at the time, was an acceptable replacement for DOP in not only mono-disperse “Hot” testing, but also in poly-dispersed “Cold” testing applications as well.

Please note:  Substituting PAO-4 for DOP in a “Hot” penetrometer requires changes to system operating parameters, due to physical property material changes such as, but not limited to, viscosity, flash point, refractive index, etc.

The full text of that report and setup information is available via CRDEC-TR-333.