Model 2HA

The 2HA is the smallest, lightest analog photometer available in a portable self-contained unit. The 2HA has been designed with the user in mind for simplicity of operation and virtually maintenance-free use. Its basic purpose is to detect and measure mass concentration of aerosol in air.



A stream of clean air from a HEPA filter is passed through the forward light scattering chamber as the instrument is balanced electrically with respect to any incidental stray light or dark current. A baseline of response may be set as a basis of comparison, using the internal reference circuit, which is set for 100 micrograms of polydispersed particles. Once the baseline has been set, any subsequent reading will be in relation to that level. The range of concentration measurable is from 100 to 0.0001 on 5 linear scales on the standard instrument. The 2HA has two pre-set reference values (DOP & PAO) for aerosol agents. The operator can quickly select DOP or PAO as the challenge aerosol. A flow indicator located on the front panel informs the user of the sample flow rate.

2HA N and Nuclear Capability

Designed for the rigors of nuclear and other hazardous applications, the 2HA can be equipped with a unique, sealed sample train, engineered to allow safe removal and replacement of contaminated sampling components.

Product Specifications
Size: 10.1” x 14.3” x 5.8” (25.7 cm x 36.3 cm x 14.7 cm)
Weight 15.5 lbs. plus 2.5 lbs. for scanning probe and accessories = 18.0 lbs (7.0 kg plus 1.1 kg for scanning probe and accessories = 8.2 kg.)
Enclosure Instrument enclosure is rugged, die cast aluminum and can be easily disassembled as required for recalibration and service of internal components. The enclosure has a convenient tip-up carrying handle on the front. It folds-up to tilt the control panel display upward for easy viewing.
Power 100 to 250 volts AC, 50/60 Hz fused power entry module with spare fuses. Automatically adjust to virtually all standard voltages used worldwide. Please specify power supply cable when ordering unit (UL/CSA/VDE).
Alarm Audible Alarm in unit sounds when adjustable set point is exceeded. LED on probe lights up when set point is exceeded.
Amplifier Solid-state linear amplifier.
Accuracy ± 2 % of full scale for the decade in use.
Light Source Improved, longer lasting and more stable solid-state scattering chamber light source. Photometer operates at lower power generating less heat and lower stray light values. Life expectancy is 50,000 to 100,000 hours.
Vacuum Pump True 1 cubic foot per minute (cfm) sample rate (28.3 liters per minute) using a twin head, carbon vane pump for quiet operation and dependability. An exhaust filter can easily be attached to the outlet of the vacuum pump on the rear panel to entrap any particles from the pump exhaust.
Aux. Output A DB9 connector is provided standard on all units providing a 0-1 VDC output signal.