DOP SP 200-B

DOP SOLUTIONS’ PHOTOMETERS have been testing manufactured and installed HEPA and ULPA filters around the world for >25 years, and our well-established instrument, the SP200-B is the most rugged and robust available in the world today.
The SP200-B still houses all the components of our most advanced instruments and has all of the key features you might need to test your Filter Systems, for compliance to ISO14644-3 and all other global cleanroom, containment system, and filter manufacturers Standards.
This Photometer meets or exceeds the current British, American, European and Australian requirements for filter testing.
It is capable of testing all HEPA, ULPA and PTFE types of filter in-situ and as manufactured.

  • Independent Filter Certifiers
  • Military / Commercial Nuclear Facilities
  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturers
  • Medical Facilities & Cleanrooms


• Weighs only 9kgs
• Scanning probe options available
• Quick setup, with QuickStart guide
• Digital read-out : mass challenge in µg/l and downstream %penetration
• Real time indication– fast response
• Two stream solenoid switched – may be computer controlled or remotely operated
• Switchable DNS makes upstream measurements stable and more accurate
• Unrivalled stability – enables measurement to 99.9999% efficiency.
• Visual & audible alarm.

Product Specifications

Physical Size 42cm L x 29cm D x 14cm H 16.5” x 11.5” x 5.5”
Weight 9kg (22lbs). With probe/case - 17kg (38lbs)
Power 90-250V Universal, at 50 or 60 Hz. Automatically adjusts
Calibration Manual calibration of Span and Zero at startup, and healthcheck
Sample flowrate Nominally 1 cubic foot per minute or 28 litres per minute +15%
Measuring Range 0.0001 to 120 mg/m3 Can be set higher for special applications.
Instrument Performance Sensitivity: 0.00001 mg/m3 | Accuracy: 5 % at each decade calibration point
Standards Compliance ISO14644-3,NSF49,IEST,CE,EN61010-1:2010