FAR-PASS™ Automated Air Sample Collection & Delivery System

The FAR-PASS provides a unique, low-cost solution for airborne biological and chemical sampling and automated sample delivery. Using patented technology, the airborne threat is concentrated onto a small dry filter and pneumatically transported via tubing to a remote collection kiosk (up to several kilometers away) for analysis and identification of the threat. The system operates autonomously to a sampling schedule, or it can respond immediately to a “trigger” from a real-time biological or chemical sensor to collect a sample when a potential threat is detected.


FAR-PASS can collect air samples according to a configured schedule or when a “trigger” from a real-time sensor is received. It can capture and concentrate aerosols or chemical vapors to play a key role in a variety of airborne surveillance applications:

  • Building protection
  • Mass-transit security
  • Force and base protection
Key Benefits and features
  • Collect any airborne threat type – chemical, biological, radiological
  • Autonomous and configurable – integrates with command & control systems to allow triggered sample collection upon alarm, or to operate from a configured sampling schedule
  • Avoids public attention – automatically sends the sample from the “hot zone” to a remote location, thus avoiding sending a person in hazmat gear into a crowded area to retrieve the sample
  • Saves time – faster collection of samples from multiple locations at a common collection point
  • High confidence – deployed by the US government, protecting thousands of people occupying millions of square feet in critical facilities
Product Specifications
Display & Alerts - Internal PLC with LCD (email notifications capable) - Optional touchscreen monitor for maintenance - Full display and interface via external software
Communication Ethernet/IP, BACnet (LonMark TP/FT-10)
Input Voltage 110 VAC, 60 Hz or 220 VAC, 50 Hz
Power Consumption 7 Amps at 110V; 3amps at 220V Sampling/ Sending
Operating Temp -20 to 50 °C (-4 to 122 °F)
Operating Humidity 5% to 95%, non-condensing
Storage Temp -40 to 70 °C (-40 to 158 °F)
Noise < 58 dBA at 1 meter
Dimensions 71 x 61 x 46 cm (28 x 24 x 18 in)
Weight 44 kg (98 lbs.)
Enclosure Aluminum composite; tamper-proof fasteners; resistant to dust, splash, and cleaning chemicals
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