Automated Filter Testing for Filter Media Manufacturing

Automated filter testers are used to test bulk non-woven, meltblown media to ensure that the media meets the desired filter efficiency and resistance (pressure drop across the material). An automated filter tester is used as a realtime, quality control tool in a production environment or for product development. The automated filter tester plays a key role in ensuring that the product that leaves the manufacturing facility has met internal quality targets.

Why is it important to test filter media?

The non-woven, meltblown media is used to make HEPA/ULPA filters and protective personal equipment (PPE) products such as face masks, N95/KN95/FFP respirators, and P100 respirator cartridges. It’s essential to test the media to ensure it meets manufacturing specifications before using it to produce critical end products.

How are ATI’s products used?

Bulk media producers spot test the media for penetration and resistance during the manufacturing process. This is strictly a quality control measure to ensure that the media being produced meets their internal quality requirements. As the media is typically produced in large spools, a sample of media is taken from the spool at pre-determined intervals and locations on the spool. It is then tested for penetration and resistance using an automated filter tester. As bulk media is produced it is critical that all locations on the spool (front, back, beginning, middle, and end) are tested to ensure the properties of the media are consistent.

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