Automated Filter Testing for Replaceable Particulate Filter Manufacturing

Respirator masks/cartridges are molded in a cup or similar shape to follow the contours of the face providing high levels of protection to the wearer by filtering dust, vapors, and bacteria. Some of these masks have replaceable filter cartridges that help to ensure the wearer is receiving optimal protection. The masks are typically oil proof and are tested with PAO, DOP, or Paraffin oil.

Why is it important to test filter media?

Each respirator mask incorporates one or more respirator cartridge that is the filtering element. These cartridges are typically required to meet one of the major global standards and are tested to those standards. They tend to be very high-efficiency masks, with a filtration efficiency of up to 99.97%. Each cartridge is tested in production to ensure that all cartridges meet, at a minimum, the standard but in most cases the manufacturer has a stricter performance requirement. Because each cartridge is tested for efficiency and resistance, the production lines for these products are typically running multiple shifts and incorporate several 100X units to maximize product throughput.

How are ATI’s products used?

The 100X Automated Filter Tester is critical for performing quality control verification of medical/surgical respirators to relevant regional standards. Because these masks vary in size and shape, they are tested in batches, where cartridges are removed from production for QC testing. The 100X is also used as an inline production tester of filter cartridges used in certain respirator style masks. In this application, each respirator cartridge is tested for efficiency and resistance.

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