Protective Mask Leakage Testing

Most respirators are designed and manufactured to meet the occupational health and safety needs of the wearers. Protection from particulate threats is often sought by those in medical, construction, and general contracting industries, while additional protection from gas is sought from those in fire, HAZMAT, industrial, and military industries. Worldwide, occupational health and safety is legislated and controlled on a governmental level. Standards and requirements are issued for the design, manufacture, and certification of respirators while use of those respirators is mandated and enforced in the workplace.

Respirators protect wearers from harmful atmospheres by providing:

  • Clean, breathable air – achieved by providing leak integrity as well as filtered or supplied air
  • Adequate fit – this is typically regulated through mandating that employers provide a means to fit test employees in each respirator model that they use in the workplace

Why is it important to test filter media?

Protective mask wearers deserve confidence in their protective gear. The Protective Mask Leakage Tester (PMLT) is an aerosol and photometry-based instrument designed to confirm mask seal, integrity, and individual fit.

How are ATI’s products used?

The PMLT is used to leak test an entire mask, integrity test the mask’s components, and fit test individuals without compromising the mask. A leakage isolation test allows the operator to isolate the location of a leak and possibly remedy the situation; permitting the continued fielding of the mask.

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