Filter Testing

Air Techniques International Filter Test Laboratory

The Air Techniques International Filter Test Laboratory (ATI-FTL) offers comprehensive testing of flat sheet filter media, filtering face piece and respirator cartridges, and most HEPA and ULPA filter configurations.  The ATI-FTL is a U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) audited facility, inspecting and testing filters slated for DOE and other government and commercial customers, and is ISO 9001 registered.

Standard Testing Services

  • Flat Sheet Filter Media
    • Mil-Std 282
    • IEST RP-CC-021
  • Filtering Face Piece and Respirator Cartridges
    • NIOSH 42 CFR Part 84
      • Oil Aerosol Loading Test
      • NaCl Aerosol Loading Test
    • Mil-Std 282
  • HEPA Filters
    • Mil-Std 282
    • DOE 3020
    • ASME AG-1
    • IEST RP-CC-007


Filters are challenged with a test aerosol at rated flow, media to specified face velocity. The mass concentration of challenge particles downstream of the filter or media is measured and evaluated against the measured upstream mass concentration resulting in a percent penetration, the inverse of efficiency. Concurrent with the percent penetration, the pressure drop across the product under test is also measured. These measurements are performed in either an instantaneous or load based fashion, per test standard requirements.


Test reports are provided electronically and hard copy can be mailed, if required.  All data is considered confidential in nature and maintained and treated as such.

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