Airflow Measurement and Testing (ISO 14644 Cleanroom Testing)

Airflow measurement is critical to creating and maintaining a cleanroom or controlled environment and is a paramount requirement in applications for such industries as pharmaceutical, healthcare, nuclear, semiconductor, electronics, aerospace, automotive, and laboratory sciences.

Legislative requirements such as ISO 14644-3 describe the requirements for these tests but there are many variations and a wide range of instruments to use to perform the tests.

Our Academy for Cleanroom Testing delivers a one-day course on Airflow Measurement, using trainers who are very experienced in this industry, the most current equipment and the latest best practices to advise on compliance to ISO 14644-3, and other regulatory guides and standards.

The morning of theory will equip the delegate with great knowledge on cleanroom and equipment designs, airflow principals, units of measurement, types of instruments, and the testing required. The afternoon is for practical work, and gives the delegate confidence to set up test equipment, and make measurements for the various tests required on cleanrooms and clean air cabinets. The afternoon ends with a written examination.

Attendance is advised for anyone in the clean air and containment industry who has a role in engineering, testing, QA, validation, operations, or management of cleanrooms.

The course runs for 6-10 delegates and a manual is provided. Virtual seats are available. A Certificate is provided for successful examination and/or attendance.

For more information, pricing, and registration:
Telephone: +44 (0) 1462 676446