Cleanroom Technology Conference 2021

The Cleanroom Technology Conference is designed to highlight best practice and regulations affecting both cleanroom design and cleanroom operation across various sectors for those working in controlled environments and cleanrooms. The conference will feature case studies, practical workshops and papers from leading industry experts across two days, covering topics including Regulations & Standards (ISO 14644 & ISO 14698), Microbiology, Containment, Operation and Validation, Consumables, Clothing & PPE, Cleanroom Design, and Safe Utility Usage.

Air Techniques International (ATI) is proud to participate in the Cleanroom Technology Conference 2021. ATI has been the industry leader in aerosol photometers and generators since 1961. ATI photometers and generators are used by the pharmaceutical, nuclear, and defense industries worldwide. Since pioneering the technology of aerosol photometry, ATI has remained at the leading edge of its field, applying its knowledge and experience to a wide range of cleanroom and filter testing applications.

Tim Triggs, ATI’s EMEA Director and General Manager, is part of the Conference’s organizing team and will chair a couple of sessions. Don’t miss this opportunity to hear Tim! Stop by ATI’s stand to see the latest that ATI has to offer in particle counting, environmental monitoring, microbial air sampling, and filter leak testing solutions.

For more information visit the Cleanroom Technology Conference website.